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IED Electronics

In Depth Understanding of the Electronics behind the IED Circuit and Micro-Controllers. 


The IED electronics course is a basic electronics course detailing the types of components found in IED circuits. These are the kinds of circuits that make up switching components in RCIEDs, VOIEDs, Firing and Safe Arming devices. Participants learn the basics of electronics, IED construction, soldering, modifying of off the shelf items to function in an IED, transistors, MOSFET, SCR and integrated circuits.


Designed for EOD Operators with a basic understanding of electronics. The AIEC course will reinforce pervious taught lessons while explaining more in depth the electronics behind the IED Circuit, including micro-controllers.

Participants in this module will already be familiar with electronics; this course will further develop that knowledge. After completion, participants should be able to construct IED training aids powered by embedded systems. This course will cover basic level PIC programming in PIC Basic Pro and PBASIC programming language. Focus will be given to advanced topics as well as sensor interfacing. Each student will be provided with materials to complete the lab projects. Topics will include: Basic Programming Logic, Advanced Logic Techniques, PIC Basic Pro Syntax, PBASIC Syntax, RF Communications and protocols, and Hardware Interfacing. Request for information at Training@MKDS-Training.com


The course begins with an electronics primer to refresh the student’s knowledge of electronics before moving on to advanced topics. The purpose of this course is to explain how the terrorist are constructing IED devices. This course will aid the EOD Operator in performing tasks such as RSP and RSP development, IED Fusing Neutralization, Post Blast skills and Category A situations. At the end of the course, students will have constructed several IED circuit boards, including one Printed Circuit Board that they have designed and etched following terrorist methods.

Participants will construct the following 6 devices: PIC IED Board (Sensor Interfacing) with Passive Infra-Red (PIR), Alarm Panel with LCD Display (Sensor Interfacing, EOL, Display) Advanced Photocell/Diode device, XBEE Long Range RF Controller (UART, Communications, RF), Long range 433mhz Telemetry Device and a programmable DTMF receiver board. The participants will use the Alarm and Alarm Panel PIC Device to conduct Advanced Manual Techniques (AMT).

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