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IEDD OPS & Planning

IEDD OPS & Planning

Assault IEDD is a highly specialised skills-set enabling selected operators to rapidly assess and neutralise access denial and body-borne IEDs during land-based, aviation and maritime interdiction operations. Assault IEDD differs from generic IEDD in that the overriding aim of the operator is to maintain the momentum of the assault in a hostile (non-permissive) environment by facilitating the assaulters reaching their objective safely, rapidly and with minimum risk of compromise.

Assault IEDD Operations and Planning training introduces delegates to a number of scenarios outlining the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) necessary to stabilise and neutralise complex IEDs used during hostage rescue and rapid interdiction operations in hostile (non-permissive) environments..

Training Concept

The training will focus on the IED components, Threat Assessment and the planning aspect of high level search planning and execution. It will include table top exercises, syndicate planning and field training. As part of the training the students will be exposed to functional IED training devices, Enemy TTP`s when emplacing IED`s, IED components and switches.

Modules Include

• IED Components • IED Triggers • HME Awareness • Threat Assessment • Method of Attack • VBIED Threat • Principals of Search • Occupied / Unoccupied Building Search • Person Search • Vehicle Search • Evidence Collection/Handling • Actions on Find.

Other considerations
  • Recognizing behaviors and indicators related to terrorism
  • Suicide Bombers and their Modus Operandi

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